Christmas is just around the corner

As the cool wind begins to rise, winter is coming, with snow and cold and wet. We wish safety to all those on the roads this season, and best of wishes to all!

Our family is busy setting out our special table cloths and napkins, for Christmas is one of our favourite times of year!

We hope you avail yourselves of our cheer, warming beverages and cozy food. We will be lighting up our hearth, setting up our tree with lights and hoping for visits from carolling types!

Gather here to share Christmas cheer! Our Chef, Rod, is preparing special family style gourmet dining experiences some of you enjoyed at Thanksgiving! You may also wish to enjoy Brunch with Santa, book your special holiday group event or ring in 2014 at Gather.

Looking for unique gift ideas? Olive oils, balsamic vinegars, soy candles, chocolates and many other Gather-made items are available now or for special order. 

We will be closed the evening of December 24th, all day on the 25th, with the coffee shop reopening on the 26th and the restaurant reopening on the 27th. We will also be closing the restaurant January 1st and re-opening February 6th, with the coffee shop still servicing your warming needs.

We wish you the very best this holiday season.


Deborah, Daryl, Addison, Rod, Ashley, Brittney, Linda, Simone, Hailey and Emma.