Goodbye to Gather Food and Beverage

The Team at Gather food & beverage has decided it’s time to say “it’s been a slice”, and permanently close the restaurant effective Saturday, October 11th.

Year two was not what we expected in terms of visitors and staffing levels. Some of our regulars became irregular (we missed you), and losing key staff due to moving and schooling (we miss you too!) made it difficult to maintain operating hours and the level of service we established from the beginning. After an unsuccessful six-month search for reliable and effective staff, we have decided to throw in the towel.

We are still interested in supporting locally grown organic foods, and would be interested in talking to anyone who may be keen on starting up their own establishment within our humble walls (or suggesting another adventure for us to partner in that uses our current assets). We will maintain our equipment for the next 6 months, in case we have any interest. After that period of time we will consider selling the restaurant equipment to interested parties.

In the meanwhile, we would like to invite you to a last hurrah. If you are reading this, chances are you’ve been a dedicated follower of Gather, and we would like to thank you once more for embracing us and keeping smiles on our faces since our inception. On Saturday, October 11th we are having an open house, between 6 and 8 pm. We will be serving up some of our favorite multi-culti mash-ups by donation, with 20% of proceeds going to the BC Schizophrenia Society and 20% to the Cowichan Intercultural Society. We will have a range of beverages and desserts for purchase. We hope you will come and share some memories with us that evening.

In appreciation,
Deborah, Daryl, Chef Dave, Hailey, Teagan and Morgan (Addison, Ashley and Amber, our servers who have moved on to schooling and adventure, send their appreciation as well!)